Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners offer free treatment to Cambodians


PHNOM PENH – A gathering of six renowned conventional Chinese pharmaceutical specialists have been without giving of-charge treatment and wellbeing addresses to Cambodian individuals, as indicated by a news discharge on Monday. 

Driven by Bai Zhijian, director of Overseas Affairs Committee of the twelfth National People's Congress of China and bad habit administrator of China International Culture Exchange Center, the specialists are from Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine, Guangxi Rehabilitation Society and Guangxi Jiangbing Hospital, said the official statement. 

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"They have plentiful information in therapeutic studies, special treatment for troublesome conditions and great clinical experience, empowering them to exceed expectations in the fields of needle therapy, rub, customary medication, heptobilliary, and organ surgeries," it said. 

The gathering has been putting forth free treatment and wellbeing addresses to Cambodian individuals for three days, beginning from Monday to Wednesday, at the Phnom Penh Hotel here, it said, including that it is normal that almost 200 nearby individuals will profit by this program. 

Talking at the opening function of the treatment, Bai said the program went for advancing conventional Chinese prescription social trades and common learning. 

"I trust that the program will add to enhancing the prosperity of Cambodian individuals and improving the benevolent relations between the people groups of our two nations," he said. 

Cheam Yeab, executive of Cambodian National Assembly's Commission on Economy, Finance, Banking and Audit, said the program would not just enhance the prosperity of Cambodian individuals, additionally elevate individuals to-individuals relations between the two nations. 

"This program mirrors China's high thoughtfulness regarding enhancing the prosperity of Cambodian individuals," he said at the opening service. "It will contribute further to improving social ties between the two nations." 

Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Xiong Bo said conventional Chinese medication has a long history and is a significant resource in China. 

"I'm certain that this program will empower Cambodian individuals to better comprehend Chinese culture and see the adequacy of conventional Chinese medication," he said. 

Aggregate Chhum Bun, VP of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, said conventional Chinese prescription is compelling in curing various infections and is broadly utilized as a part of China and Asian nations, and is getting to be well known in European and Western nations. 

"The program is imperative to advance conventional Chinese pharmaceutical in Cambodia," he said.

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