Toyota to recall 1.43 million cars globally for faulty Airbags


Japanese auto manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that it will be recalling 1.43 million hybrid cars worldwide to fix flawed airbag unit.  This specific recall isn’t a part of the larger ongoing recall for cars with faulty airbags. As per the statement issued by the company, there is a possible defect with the airbag inflator, which could be a threat to car’s occupants. Toyota Prius and Lenux CT200h are the models that will be recalled, out of which 482,000 cars are from US alone. This is the second worldwide recall made by the auto giant this year, not pertaining to the Takata Airbag Scandal.

The recall is about to cover the vehicles manufactured between 2010 and 2012, reported company. The cars in question here were fitted with air bags inflators that could probably have a small crack in a weld that could result in the separation of the inflator chambers. In fact, Toyota says that there are chances that the air bag could partially inflate and the inflator could enter the vehicle interior, thus increasing the risk of injury to its occupants.

Toyota spokesman, Victor Vanov, ha confirmed that the flawed air bag inflators concerned in the recall were not manufactured by Takata Corp. As told earlier, the recall covers 4,82,000 US vehicles and the remaining 9,48,000 vehicles will be recalled from the other markets. Toyota Motor Corp. also clarified that they are not aware of any injury or death that might have caused due to the faulty airbags in the aforesaid cars.  However Toyota hasn’t unveiled any additional information on the recall right now, Indian could be the possible on of the many markets that will face this recall, considering the Prius was launched in the country in 2010.

Presently among the two affected models, Toyota Prius is the only one on sale in India right now but the company has earlier revealed its plans to launch the Lexus brand in India. That said, three models the Lexus plans to launch in India include – RX 450h, GS 450h and LS 600h, none of which are a part of the recently initiated recall.