Toyota to launch Electric Cars in India soon


Looking at the increasing pollution in the world, automobile companies are giving more emphasis on electric vehicles. This will reduce pollution and save lives. Following this matter, Japanese car manufacturer Toyota announced that it will launch more than ten electric vehicles (EVs) in the early 2020’s.

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Toyota is going to create EVs for countries that include China, India, USA and European markets. The level of pollution in India’s capital Delhi is increasing day by day, which is a matter of concern for India.

At the same time, Toyota said that it plans to sell 5.5 million electric vehicles, more than 1 lakh battery-powered EVs and fuel cell EVs by 2030.

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In addition to this, the company said in its statement that Toyota will provide more than ten BEV models to the world over the early 2020s to accelerate the popularity of the BEV.