Tourists Visit This Mountain Due To This Reason


You must have heard about several mountains but have you ever heard about a mountain that produces billions of silver. This mountain is situated in Bolivia and is popular as the Huayna Potosí.

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Potosi, the capital of Bolivia, is a hilly terrain and there are approximately 1.22 billion tonnes of mineral found in this mountain.

The work of extracting silver has been going on in this mountain since years and several people have been victims of accident here. Human beings are not allowed to visit this mountain.

Whenever tourists visit Bolivia and know about this mountain, they leave no chance to visit it. Tourists from across the world visit this mountain.

Six German climbers put initial efforts to go to Huayna Potosi Mountain in year 1877. Among six climbers, four lost their lives at an altitude of around 5600m.

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It is suggested that one must visit this place for nearly 3-6 days altering to the height in La Paz earlier to climbing Huayna Potosi.