Tourism business in Jaisalmer most affected by currency ban


JAISALMER: Many currency exchange firms being dolefully short of new notes has made the cash crunch turn into a nightmare for the tourists visiting the heritage city Jaisalmer.

After standing for hours in queues at the ATN’s many tourists had to return empty handed compounding their woes.

Indeed, even at trade counters, the fortunate ones just figure out how to get Rs 4,500 which will further come down to Rs 2,000 from Friday . “Subsequent to demonetizing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes, the tourism business in Jaisalmer locale has been gravely influenced,” said Mayank Kumar, a specialist.

Foreign Tourists who had before changed over cash into banned Indian currencies are likewise unable to spend theme as businesses refuse to accept them.

Tourist Patrisya from France said that from morning she was rushing to banks and ATMs yet had neglected to get any valid currency notes.

Many additionally said that individuals were exploiting the circumstance by offering Rs 9,000 in return of Rs 10,000 and charging 10% commission. Visitors needed the legislature and banks to make isolate courses of action for them.

A British visitor said that he had some Indian cash, generally demonetized ones, and couldn’t purchase anything from the market. Numerous who had come to Jaisalmer on three-day packages have not went by any traveler spots and have invested the majority of their energy going by banks and ATMs.

Devakinandan Sharma, a local representative of a leading foreign exchange company, said that business had ground to a halt as they didn’t have required Indian monetary standards for trade.