Touching! Lady Walks Down The Aisle With The Man Who Received Her Father’s Heart



Strolling down the passageway with her dad is each young lady's fantasy, however Jeni Stepien's dad was killed 10 years back.

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After Jeni's dad was slaughtered in a burglary In 2006, his mom chose to give his organs. Her dad's heart was given to a man named Arthur Thomas, who had been sitting tight 16 years for a benefactor.

At the season of Jeni's wedding, she composed a letter to Arthur inquiring as to whether he would walk her down the passageway. As Thomas advanced a go-beyond from his little girl, he gathered his sacks to meet Jeni. He flew the distance from New Jersey to meet the family and strolled Jeni down the walkway to the man she had always wanted.

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