Top Tips to keep Yourself Nourished this Winters


Keep yourself hydrated: During winters dehydration can be way too dangerous than we think. There are many foods and drinks that can be guzzled to avoid dehydration.

  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day
  • Fruits like apple, orange, watermelon, pomegranate
  • Veggies like tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce
  • Coconut water is the best ingredient if you add it in your daily appetite. It will hydrate and give all rich components which body requires

Tip: consuming Luke warm water will help you in flushing out toxins, waste and enhances blood circulation.

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Follow workout regime: Just stick to your fitness regime. Do not put off your regular exercises. Winters can often be drowsy and lethargic but, it’s mandatory to keep your metabolism active. Constant workout increase strength of your body.  Plus, it will improve your skin health. Spare at least half an hour for your daily fitness regime.

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Add spices and herbs to your recipe: Garlic, ginger, onion and fresh herbs are perfect blend to your dishes during winters. They will not just enhance the taste of your food but, they’ll also strengthen your immune system. Yellow colored spice i.e. turmeric is known as one of the best natural medicines in Chinese and Indian cuisine. These spices helps in number of heath issues like heart disease, inflammation and it acts as a strong anti-oxidant component.


Quality sleep is mandate for good health: people do feel lethargic, tired and sluggish at the time of winters. Good sleep is just too required to function properly in our daily regime as bad and poor sleep might hinder your concentration, stress level, weight gains and mood swings of course!  Just aim to gen in bed on time and sleep at least for 8 hours of deep and sound sleep.