Top Favorite Kid-Friendly Destinations in Asia!

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The largest continent, Asia, is one of the favorite place for the families all across the globe. It is thew perfect place if you are thinking of a family vacation in Asia. Not only for adults but also for kids, Asia offers several exciting destinations like safaris, amusement parks, to adventure parks. Here is a list of few kid friendly destinations of Asia.

Some mesmerizing places to visit in winters!

Bali, Indonesia-

With soothing weather, diverse cultures, rich heritage, and exotic food, Bali has friendly locals who adore children. The breath-taking attractions of this place for kids includes water parks, monkey forests, Bali Bird and Elephant Safari parks are must-visit places for families with kids.

To take fun on a whole new level, Splash Water Park has world-class water slides. Apart from this there are so many beautiful beaches like Sanur, Dua, Jimbaran, Nusa and many more.


Malaysia is a country that will appeal to adventurous explorers. Combination of various diverse cultures, Malaysia is one of the best places to visit with family and especially with kids.

During Malaysian vacations, kids get the opportunity to visit a Chinese temple and smell the delicious aroma of Indian food from carts along the streets. You can also visit a Hindu temple which is built high up in Batu Caves after climbing 272 steps.

Also must visit the world’s tallest twin towers – the Petronas Towers and enjoy the mesmerizing view from the top. The water park, amusement park rides, and themed hotel will definitely keep your family entertained.


Japan is also rich in culture, history and with polite, helpful locals. Kyoto and Tokyo are two family-friendly destinations. Kyoto is the finest reflection of old Japan, with over 2,000 shrines and temples. On the other hand, Tokyo has many skyscrapers and offers impressive, innovative technologies.

Japan offers quite an extensive list of family-friendly activities and attractions, from parks, museums, castles, and temples.

This island is a home to venomous snakes


This country is full of unique, fun, and family-friendly activities. One of the best tourist attractions include the world’s biggest aquarium- S.E.A. Aquarium, water parks, and Universal Studios Singapore. Here, kids can also enjoy exploring Sentosa Island and animal lovers will love the Night Safari.


For shopping holics, Singapore also offers many shopping destinations as well.


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