Top 7 fashion tricks to boost your fashion


Here are some easy and quick fashion hack that everyone should know to boost up your fashion sense a little more:

  1. Use a hair straightener to iron the shirt collar: Ironing a shirt collar is what most of us forgets to do, especially when we are in a rush. At times, the collar is so creased that ironing it doesn't really help. So, using a straightener to do so takes less than a minute and is the most effective way to remove collar crease.
  2. Buy heels at the end of the shopping spree: Trying on heels takes up a lot of our time and why it shouldn’t, they need to be the perfect fit and the perfect style. But many a times, we end up buying them in a rush and some of us even realize how badly it fits after purchasing it. The only way to avoid this is to first roam about the shopping mall and buy everything else that you need and buy heels once your shopping spree is over. This will help heat up your feet which in turn helps to see how well they fit.
  3. The right way to wear ankle-length boots: There are many people who tuck in their jeans into ankle-length boots. This is a total fashion disaster. Ankle-length boots are meant to be worn with folded jeans rather than with tucked in jeans. Just make one or two folds depending on your comfort level and that will help bring all the attention to your boots. Not only that, but it is also a huge fashion trend.
  4. Use of double-sided tape: Women who are a little heavy on their chest have a major crisis with shirt buttons. If your shirt button pops open. The best way is to take a double-sided scotch tape to hold it together. Double sided tape can also be used to secure the hem on any outfit during times of crisis.
  5. Use of sweaters as leg warmers: You could now easily make use of old sweaters instead of throwing them away. Simply cut out a part of the sleeves and use them as leg warmers during the winter months with long boots. You would not require sewing them and they'll keep you warm enough too.
  6. Clean leather shoes with olive oil: When we ruin or stain our leather shoes, it is one of the most hurtful moments in our fashionable lives, because we all love our leather shoes, don't we? But fret not. Take a cloth, dip it in olive oil and clean your leather shoes. It would clean each and every stain on your shoes, leaving them shining and looking as good as new.
  7. Remove the fuzz from clothes using razors and pumice stone: Fuzzy sweaters and other clothes look very shabby when worn somewhere outside. But this issue too can be solved. Take a standard razor or pumice stone and run it through your sweater. This will remove all the fuzz from different clothes, leaving them looking as good as new.