Top 5 places for celebrating Christmas festivities


The most fascinating time of the year has begun” the song keeps playing in mind jingle bells, jingle bells jingle on the way! It is indeed the best time of the year, which is filled with pleasant chill, soothing bonfires, beautiful twinkling lights around the globe and yummylicious food, bakery items, decked up churches, lighted  Christmas tree and Santa of course!

Christmas celebrations around the world are so amazing that they make a wanderer to visit certain destinations of India. You can experience the best kind of Christmas at these top 5 places of India.

  • Goa

Partying all night long at breezy beaches, chit chats, romantic walks, cocktails, bars, pubs, midnight mass of children singing Christmas carols  and what not! Goa is known for the best Christmas celebrations and you’ll never run out of choices for fun and Christmas festivities in Goa. This is why Goa is most popular for celebrating best Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

  • Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong’s Christmas celebration can literally compete with the celebrations of European towns. The preparations for Christmas begins a week ahead as bakeries stock up with all decorative items, cakes, muffins and goodie bags for kiddos. As Christmas heads the carol singers gear up with their carols in the most melodious voice. Homes are covered with stars, buntings, Christmas etc. On Christmas Day, sitting down for family dinners, spending the day with friends, offering gifts and goodies to the underprivileged, keep the people busy and happiest. Turning more paradisaical and lovely in December, Shillong offers a plethora of fun and engaging and interesting activities during the festive season. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit during Christmas in India.

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  • Kerala

One can surely take a trip to Kerala on Christmas and sing carols with the midnight mass, witness the Christmas, play, gorge on the local feast or have a bonfire on the beaches of Kollam for a more-than-merry experience! With so much to do during this favorite time in the year, Kerala is one of the best places for your Christmas vacation in India.

  • Bangalore

In Christmas if you’re truly fond of tempting cuisines and desserts, then Bangalore is your place. The city is spoilt for endless choices one can make and opt for! On Christmas Eve, you can just head to Koshy’s for their plum cake & ginger tea, Thomson’s Bakery for their rum-soaked cake, or Caper berry for a tempting turkey dinner.  

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  • Delhi

A place which holds India’s heart just like any other festival Delhi celebrates Christmas with all the zeal and enthusiasm which is why it prominently sits in the list of Christmas popular getaways in India. All lavish malls of Delhi, clubs and pubs start organizing theme parties. One can feel all the essence of festivities in vibes around them. There’s no dearth of fun places to hang out in Delhi when here for your Christmas celebrations.