Top 5 Cheapest Travel Destinations From Around The Wolrd


If you plan to put some money aside, yet don’t completely give up your passion for traveling, you have come to the right place! In the following sections we will introduce you to the best 10 cheap destinations from all over the world, so you can pick your favorites and start planning your trip right away! If you are new to the money-saving world, check out what our friends at WellkeptWallet have to say or read our other articles.

Since your vacation is set on cash-saver style, maybe you should keep in mind some of the advice on how to plan a cheap get-away. And don’t forget that just a few miles away from popular destinations there replaces where you have access to the same facilities and pay a lot less; also, statistics show that in terms of accommodation and food expenses, Southeast Asia is about 30% cheaper that Europe or the Caribbean!

The main point is to skip the most talked-about travel destination (until your savings are done, at least) and choose less known ones which nevertheless can offer you spectacular sights and decent facilities. Take a look to some of these marvelous destinations on a budget for 2015!


Because it’s one of the South American countries with the lowest income per capita, Bolivia’s touristic offers are incredibly cheap: it is not at all unrealistic to say that you will most likely not spend more than $30 a day! In fact, independent travelers guarantee that you will get more for your money here than anywhere else on this continent.

And Bolivia is quite a place for backpackers, being recommended especially to those who care more to see amazing sites, like the ancient Inca trails, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon, than having all-inclusive treats inside their hotel.


Even if the average expenses for a short-stay tourist in Bali are no longer as cheap as they used to be ten years ago, you would agree that it is still more than reasonable to pay $15 per night for a guesthouse room and $7 for a moped that will provide you with enough mobility to explore the amazingly picturesque local villages and temples.

Of course, there are some other great attractions that will not cost you a dime: Bali’s white beaches and public landscape gardens are waiting for you!


Well, if you decide that this year you can’t afford a trip to the Galapagos Islands, head for Ecuador instead! Here, you will need no more than $35 for a comfortable stay; seafood is a bargain (you won’t see those prices elsewhere in the world!), and you can get some nice local crafts for very cheap prices, too.

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The capital’s tiled roofs and numerous church spires make Quito look a lot like an exotic and ever-sunny Prague! As you may already know, it is the second highest capital worldwide and it accounts for a thrilling visual experience because of its perfectly balanced mix of urban and ancient indigenous cultures.

Through the villages in the central highlands, a very popular sightseeing spot is a surreal green crater lake – make sure you put Laguna Quilotoa to your must-see list!


You may have heard of this destination because it is often associated with mass-market resort tourism. However, if you take a step back from the all-inclusive travel packages, you will discover that in fact the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer to independent tourists as well. A good idea for saving some money is to have your meals in the local spots, which are easily accessible because public transportation is incredibly cheap.

While you’re busy saving money, don’t forget about the main sightseeing spots, such as the lagoons all over the northern coast and the incredible Barahona National Parks – they are truly inspiring!


Vietnam is definitely one of the bargain destinations in Southeast Asia for the year to come; enjoy it while it lasts, though, because recent market research in tourism show that its popularity is steadily increasing. What you will be particularly delighted with is the famously good and cheap traditional food. Note that, for example, most of the dishes come for as much as $2, while a full meal in a local restaurant will not cost you more than $5.

For transportation, we recommend you to get local rates in order to avoid paying touristic prices for services like bus trips and motorbike rental. Once you get there, explore the traditional villages and take a visit or two to the ethnic minorities’ markets – travelers who have been there mostly agree that you shouldn’t miss the markets in Can Cau and Bac Ha.