Top 3 Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas


Cabo – though it’s known for its spring break partying, this vacation destination still has a lot to offer besides its nightlife. I went to Cabo with friends around the end of April. During this time most of the college spring breakers have gone back home so you can experience a more relaxing, uncrowded trip. However, I can’t say my time was calm (at all) – we still proceeded with the usual clubbing and bar hopping ventures. Our trip to Cabo was definitely an experience to remember!

Things To Know About Cabo:

  • If you want the street packed, tops flying, drunken craziness that Cabo is known for, go around mid-end of March. If you want a calmer experience, I’d suggest going any other month.

  • Bring cash and a debit card. USD is accepted in Cabo. However, if you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, the exchange rate is better at banks than in Cabo, so trade your USD for pesos at your local bank before traveling.

  • Be careful of using your debit card too much at the ATM machines. My friend had his card information stolen so he had to cancel his card and get a new one.

  • Locals will try to sell you goods. If you negotiate with them, their prices can lower a lot, so obviously these people are trying to overprice items among travelers.

  • All inclusive resorts can be cool, but from what I’ve heard the food and drinks are usually sub-par. Since Cabo is pretty affordable, it may be wise to book a regular hotel and eat out for more authentic Mexican food. You might even save more money doing so.

  • Book a hotel close to El Squid Roe – one of the most popular bars – then you’ll know you’re close to all of the activities and won’t need to pay for cabs or public transportation to get to places.

Top 5 Things To Do in Cabo

1. Scuba Diving (about $110)

I was pretty terrified when I went scuba diving. However, I’m glad I overcame my fears because the entire experience was well worth it. We booked with Nautilus Dive Teach, a diving company that I would highly recommend. They thoroughly train you in a swimming pool beforehand for around 1-2 hours and drive you out on a boat once you’re ready to take the plunge. Something to note: The waters were definitely murkier than I thought they would be. 


2. Snorkeling Booze Cruise (about $30)

The title of the activity already sounds dangerous. First thing to note: we booked this in Cabo rather than online, and it took a lot of negotiation. The first person who tried to sell us on the cruise was requesting $60 per person. Make sure you never take the first offer cause they will rip you off! After speaking to a few people and negotiating rates, we finally got it down to $30.

3. Tacos Guss

Tacos Guess is located near El Squid Roe. If you continue walking past El Squid Roe (to the left) you won’t miss the pink painted restaurant. We had Tacos Guss every day, lunch and dinner. I’m not even kidding. Towards the end I was getting a bit sick of it, but we still proceeded to devour our tacos because it was that delicious. We tried other restaurants nearby but nothing compared. I HIGHLY recommend it. They give a huge assortment of salsa and toppings for your tacos, and the tacos are only about $1.25 a piece.