Top 10 creepy haunted bridges


1. The Old Alton Bridge Texas: This place is located near the cities of Denton and Copper Canyon, Texas, the Old Alton Bridge was originally built by the King Iron Bridge Manufacturing Company as a way to transport people and cattle. Its name comes from Alton, an abandoned town in Denton County. The bridge remained in use until 2001, when it was closed to vehicle traffic.

2. Hell’s Bridge Michigan: The story of the infamous Hell’s Bridge in Algoma Township, Michigan, revolves around the fictional figure of Elias Friske. Back in the mid-19th century, several towns in Kent County experienced a wave of child abductions. One of the hardest hit was Laphamville (today’s Rockford). In order to combat the menace, townspeople called upon the elderly and seemingly kindhearted Friske.

3. Donkey Lady Bridge Texas:  Near Loop 1604 in San Antonio, Texas, there sits a small bridge that crosses Elm Creek. To most observers, this bridge is the definition of ordinary; there’s nothing demonstrably unique about it. In truth, this is the “Donkey Lady Bridge.” According to Texas folklore, during the mid-19th century, a Texas settler family lived near what would become the bustling metropolis of San Antonio.

4. The Haunted Bridge Peckforton, Cheshire

It was built sometime in the 1850s, the so-called “Haunted Bridge” on Peckforton’s Hill Lane is little more than small footbridge that allows travelers to reach Peckforton Castle. Like many castles in England, Peckforton Castle is reputably haunted. The castle is undeniably strange, for in 1859, stonemason John Watson was commissioned to create a 3.7-meter-tall (12 ft) stone elephant that was intended to act as a beehive. Today, the outlandish stature is a tourist attraction.

5. Pointsett Bridge South Carolina

In Greenville County, on Route 107 and just off of Highway 11, sits the Poinsett Bridge, supposedly one of the most haunted structures in all of South Carolina. Made entirely of stone, the Poinsett Bridge is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young man who died in a car accident during the 1950s. Another popular story claims that the spirit of a slave who was lynched haunts Poinsett Bridge. The fact that the Poinsett Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the entire Southern US makes such rumored history all the more plausible.

6. Egypt Road Bridge Ohio

In every state in the US, there are so-called “crybaby bridges.” Earning their titles from reported accounts of hearing strange baby cries during the night, these structures are supposedly haunted by the ghosts of dead (sometimes murdered) children. In Salem, Ohio, a crybaby bridge can be found just off of Egypt Road. Currently closed and defended by a single, rusty bar, the Egypt Road Bridge forces ghost hunters to decamp from their cars and walk across its spooky surface.

7. Seven Gates of Hell Illinois

The Seven Gates of (or to) Hell Bridge in Collinsville, Illinois, shares its name with several other locations in the United States. In York, Pennsylvania, many believe that a portal to Hell exists in a patch of woods near Hallam (or Hellam). Athol, Massachusetts has its own Seven Gates of Hell; this time, the area in question is a clearing not far from Pleasant Hill Road. It’s believe that Athol got its own portal to Hell thanks to an altar that was used to perform human sacrifices.