Top 10 casinos in the World


Travel: There are several land based casinos resorts dotted around the world which have gaming floors so huge, you could quite easily get lost for hours in them. If you are planning on spending a vacation in places like Las Vegas or Macau and want to spend plenty of time gambling the following listing of the top 10 worldwide casinos is going to be of great interest to you.

Las Vegas-Belagio: These are known as the world’s most luxurious casinos. MGM ownership of the casino resort is near International, which has been running since 1998. The World Poker Tour is also organized. There are 40 poker tables with a fantastic atmosphere.

Monaco-Monte Carlo: the casino right to know about the culture, the tiny country of Monaco, must visits there casinos. For every guest there is different car parking facilities, the luxury poker tables as well as excellent lighting wins heart of the people.

Connecticut, Mohegan Sun: The well-known casino, because it offers free to its customers. Clients Join the wine, good music and enjoy along the Thames River which is spectacular. More than 300 tables of Juan, with 6000 coin machines.

Nawada-Win Las Vegas: The Casino of natural beauty and luxury lifestyle is the most spectacular example. Kreps, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, including all games is played. The waiting lounge is always full, which consists mostly of Hollywood Directors. The casino shows most in Hollywood films.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort in South Africa: 2 million square fitted into place over the casino gives our customer’s high-level facilities. The casino is open all day in the week.

Casino Lisboa, Portugal: These casino gambling gives plenty of opportunities where the gaming machines are increasingly popular, with light tables. The casino is the lotus flower-shaped. The 30 tables are involved, the 800-coin machines. 3 lounges in the casino, the 4 large restaurants are connected to the bridge.

Nawada, MGM Grand Las Vegas: The best place for the amateurs of casino poker. The casino is equivalent to 3 football field. The fun of the Las Vegas casinos in Nawada stop is famous in the whole world.

New Jersey, Tropicana Resort Casino: The casino in Atlantic City, which Juan is a great experience. The 3000 coin machines in the casino.

The Venetian Macau-China: Here comes more Gambler serial type. The casino is divided into 4 parts, the Red Dragon, Imperial House, Golden Fish and Feunekes has been named. 800 tables are here, with the 3,000 coin machines.

Connecticut-Foksvuds Resort Casino: Gamblron who is already convinced that he could never win, they even get a chance to play with it. It is the world’s most famous casinos. Nearly 300 tables, with more than 7000 coin machines. Exist as many games like The Roulette, Parlour Mingo.