Tooth Care is much more Important than you Think


Tooth care is the most denial stage, that’s the last we humans focus on but, the denial leads to the major problems and extensive pain. Though teeth are important part of our body and define our personality. We eat; we smile but, ignore tooth care. Whereas, a happy smile is the important asset of our body.We are providing you some tips which can help you to keep your smile healthy.

Easy tips to get rid of ulcers

  • Brush at least two times a day, we usually brush our teeth in the morning but, brushing your teeth at night is the most crucial one as whatever you consume whole day few components are stuck to remove them brushing your teeth twice a day is necessary.
  • Avoid stick, sugary food and junk food. Although, we can’t just corner them from our diet but, we can minimize the quantities of intake.
  • Visit a dental doctor for dental check up at least one time in 6 months. Few symptoms of diseases are just visible in mouth. It’s better to get treated at initial stage.

    Winter Remedy: Argan Oil

  • Using dental wash after brushing your teeth is like a cherry on cake.
  • Brush properly and make sure every surface of mouth is brushed and cleared properly including tongue, and layer of Buccal mucosa (inner cheek).
  • Drink water on regular intervals so, that stuck components gets removed.
  • Avoid tobacco for healthier gums, smile and teeth.
  • Add fruits and veggies to your diet.
  • Change your tooth brush in 3 months.