Tomato prices doubled to Rs 80 per kg


New Delhi: Tomato prices in most retail markets across the country have doubled to Rs 80 per kg in last 15 days due to slow supply owing to crop damage. Usually retail price of tomato anywhere is between Rs. 20 and 40 per kg as per data maintained by the Consumer Affairs Ministry. But in the last 15 days, tomato prices have gone by from 20 per cent to an enormous 100 per cent. In Hyderabad, the tomato is selling at Rs. 100 per kg in retail markets. Among metros, Chennai recorded the maximum price at Rs 80 per kg today compared with Rs 44 per kg on June 1.Likewise in Kolkata, the price is verdict at Rs 60 per kg today as against Rs 30 per kg earlier this month. In Mumbai, rates have risen to Rs 58 per kg from 38 per kg, while in Delhi prices have surged to Rs 51 per kg from Rs 25 per kg.

Due to rain, there is no sufficient supply of tomato as the crop got damaged in Haryana, Punjab and in some parts of South India. And thus because of this, price rise. Even heat pressure in north India has spoiled the crop in some parts. Online grocery store in Hyderabad, the general variety of tomato is priced at Rs. 110 per kg while the mixture is selling at Rs. 90 per kg. Opposite to it rates in Delhi where the hybrid variety is selling at Rs. 55 per kg. Unlike potato and onion, tomato life is also short shelf. The absence of enough cold storage facilities in the supply chain has provoked the problem. Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal and Odisha are the major tomato growing states in the country.