Toll from oil tanker fire in Pakistan reaches 219


The loss of life in a month ago’s oil tanker blast in Pakistan’s Punjab region has moved to 219, authorities said.

The number of passings in the June 25 blast ascended after a sufferer died at a hospital on Monday in Multan city, the News International investigated Tuesday.

No less than 34 harmed people were all the while experiencing treatment at various doctor’s facilities.

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In the mean time, relatives of a few sufferer of the disaster asserted that the cheques issued to them by the locale government on the order of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had bobbed.

The relatives guarantee was denied by the authorities.

The mischance happened when a tanker stacked with gas overturned and spilt a huge number of liters of fuel on a national highway close Bahawalpur city in Punjab.

As per preliminary examinations, many occupants from the neighboring zone, including ladies and children, went to the site to gather fuel before the tanker detonated.