Tobacco Companies have to show picture warning says Supreme Court


India's Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered all the tobacco companies to implement compulsory 85 percent pictorial warning on its products. According to the new order the size of image should increase from 40 percent to 80 percent on the tobacco products.

 Tobacco companies are not happy with the order and the Supreme Court has also transferred all the cases challenging the tobacco products warning to the Karnataka high court. The Supreme Court stated that no order will be valid until the final verdict is given by the Karnataka high court. Supreme Court has given 8 weeks to Karnataka high court.

Earlier, a new rule has been given by the central government under which all tobacco manufactured products would carry larger pictorial health warnings covering 85% of the packaging space, from April 1. The tobacco companies have taken the government to court, saying the rules are impractical and will boost smuggling of imported cigarettes. Existing 40 percent warning is adequate to warn the consumers.