To – Do List for couples in Paris


Paris is known as the most Romantic place for couples to visit around the world. It is the land of lovers but being in a not so friendly city you can easily lose the sight of love. So you should surely have a to-do list with you to enjoy. The list below helps you keep things cute and lovey-dovey during your time in Paris.

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Eifel Tower At Night:

Visiting the Most romantic place under the beautiful moonlight with your loved one will surely be something to be remembered lifelong.

Oysters at Le Baron Rouge:
There's always food mentioned with romance and this is the place to relish it. Choose a quiet corner table and enjoy the light classical music and ambience, and of course oysters!

Candlelit dinner
Yes, you can do this everywhere, but everywhere isn't PARIS—the “City Of Love”. A romantic dinner here is an altogether different experience.

People say it's a tourist cliche, but it's romantic in theory and worth a try. Just bring a padlock with yours and your beloved's names on it and lock it up on a chain fence of the bridge along with thousands of others.

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