Tips to Treat Migraine


Nowadays, migraine is commonly found in today’s youth all thanks to stress and overthinking! Migraine pain is dreadful and medicines are least expected to cure the pain same very moment. Well, you can just try these tips mentioned below to cure your migraine.

Lavender oil: You don’t have to apply oil over your head but, you need to inhale lavender oil . The oil soothes and relaxes your brain. It can be inhaled directly.

Tips for nourished Lips

Opt for ginger : Ginger helps in dealing with nausea, migraine pain. It not just decreases pain but, even helps to reduce migraine disease.

Acupressure or yoga is must: Acupressure is basically applying pressure with your fingers and hand over some specific points and areas. Acupressure will not only help you to cure migraine but, it will relax your all over body parts and pain. whereas, yoga, meditation promotes better body posture and overall health. Plus, it helps to release tension, anxiety and relaxes whole body.

Being Sun Kissed is Essential

Try to sleep well: Sleep is a very important aid to your migraine. take at least 7-8 hours sound sleep without any distractions. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these components can interrupt your sleep.

Don’t skip meals: Meals are very important and starving can be dangerous for you try to eat at regular intervals of 2 hours if not a proper meal than try having fruits, dry fruits but, avoid junk, chocolates, caffeine, aged cheese.