Tips for nourished Lips


Keeping lips moist in winter season is kind of a difficult task but, we are sharing some tips to keep your lips nourished and soft!

Being Sun Kissed is Essential

Keep yourself hydrated:  Drink water on regular basis to keep your lips moist all of the times. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important for the whole body.

Keep your lips chapped: Apart, from drinking regular water keep your lips moist with chap stick, petroleum jelly or lip balm don’t expose your lips nude to air. Make sure the edges of lips are covered with balm.

Remove make- up: Before,going to bed just make sure you have cleaned your face and lips properly but, gently and apply some gentle balm or petroleum jelly on your lips.

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Use lipsticks or balm before stepping out: Lipstick and balm acts as a shield while you go out because the particles and air outside is harmful for the tender skin of lips. Just make sure you always protect your lips with a layer of lip balm or your favorite lip shade before stepping out.