Tips to make perfume long lasting!


Most of the girls nowadays put several efforts to make themselves impressive in front of boys. It has become essential part of everyone’s life. Girls doesn’t came out of her house without applying perfume these days. This article is all about the ways that will help you to smell excellent for long time. Check out here :

Beer Mask for Shiny Hair

Use after shower

Are you looking for step to make your body smell good? Apply correct perfume after taking a hot shower. It will help to unlock your pores. The scent will aid to give nice smell for long time.

Image result for Tips to make perfume long lasting!Apply perfume on lower points

Make sure that you apply perfume on lower points of the body. It will help to provide fragrance for longer time. Use it on the lower parts of your body including ankles, calf and at back of the knees.

Image result for Tips to make perfume long lasting!Never rub Perfume

Say No to the area where you applied perfume. Massage your both the wrists mutually as it provides friction and good smell for longer duration.

Never shake perfume

Avoid shaking perfume ahead of applying it otherwise the air will go inside and fade faster the smell of perfume.

Image result for Tips to make perfume long lasting!Choose the correct scent

Prefer to select the correct scent for enhanced long life. Take flavor of vanilla, patchouli and musk to smell better.

Perfect herbs for skin

Image result for Tips to make perfume long lasting!Place them right

If you wish to raise the strength of your scent, place it in a dark and cool place, off from heat and light.