Tips To Get Rid Of Headache


Most of the people these days spend 90% of their time in front of computer or gadgets due to their jobs. Working in front of computer for long time leads to headache problem. It occurs in head or neck due to lot of stress or tension. It also happens when a person is suffering from cold and cough problems. We are telling you some tips that will surely going to help you a lot in getting rid of headache problems, check out :

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Drinking water:  Headache problem also happens due to hydration. When your body is fully hydrated, less oxygen reach to the blood cells and it causes headache.

Exercise: Do proper exercise like cycling, running, swimming or jogging for atleast three and a half hours a day. You will see a change.

Acupressure: Massage that portion where you are facing pain.

Blood Sugar Level: Regularly eat to control blood sugar levels. Take magnesium rich diet. It will benefit you.

Avoid sunlight:  People who often faces headache problem must avoid sunlight.  Such people should not take sun bath too.

Aromatherapy: Apply pepperment oil on your head and massage properly. You will see change!

Food items that should be avoided with milk

Correct food: Foods like paneer, red wine, chocolate, pork, nuts often cause headache. So, it must be avoided.