Tips To Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating Problem!


Too much sweating can become a problem and also a source of embarrassment. Visit your doctor in case of excess sweating. It can be due to some underlying cause, such as a medical condition or drug side effect, that can be corrected or changed.

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So, here are few ways to get rid of the heavy sweating at the gym, on the job, and everywhere you go.

Image result for When You Sweat Too MuchHere are some tips for stopping your heavy sweating:

1. Choose higher-strength deodorants and antiperspirants-

Some are prescription only, but you can also get higher strength products over the counter, Glaser says.

2. Apply deodorants at the best time-

Deodorants works the best at night. The active ingredient goes down into the sweat duct and clog it. It will wash off if you will apply it in the morning, when sweat volume is typically higher.

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Common Causes To Sweating Too Much

3. Save your skin- 

Applying deodorant at night also reduces the chance of skin irritations.

4. Wear athletic clothes-

The athletic wear clothes have been improved in last few years. They help your body to breathe and also lessen up the sweating problem. Look for those that take away the moisture.

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