Tips to get rid of broken feet!


Our heels often get broken during winter season due to dryness in weather. The heels can be broken in any season and at any age. When the heel of a leg gets broken, the pain increases in the body. Check out some of the home remedies to get rid of it –

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To make the legs soft, rub the lemon on it as it helps to provide smoothness to the leg. After applying lemon, make sure that you apply moisturizer on the heels to prevent infection and eruption.

Do not make the mistake of cutting the dry skin of feet in the winter with scissors otherwise you will face several issues. Anti-Septic Treatment Clear the feet from the use of soap.

You can also apply vegetable oil on your heels to make feet soft. Prefer to put on cotton socks after applying moisturizer. Your feet will get soft.

Use Puma Socks to remove dead cells. It works to remove dead skin from feet.

This remedy is best to reduce joint pain!

Do not wet your feet. Put some lotions on them after drying them properly.