Tips to carry Bareilly earrings in different outfits


Every girl is beauty conscious these days. She doesn’t think much in spending money for the purchase of beauty products or accessories. There was a time when Bareilly’s earrings came into fashion but gradually its fashion gets ended. Once again, they have come up in trend. As the fashion changes, girls start adopting it as they wishes to look like a celebrity or a model. Check out what type of earrings you can wear to look like a perfect Bareilly girl:

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Girls have started wearing these earrings along with stylish scarf, kurti and jeans. This trend of ethnic earrings in Western Dress is getting very famous these days. The girl looks so ADORABLE when she carry herself in this getup.

Black Mattel Earrings are in trend. You will get various designs. Carry these earrings along with Maxi dress, jeans-top and Maxi dress. You will look so HOT.

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The fashionistas have started wearing earrings in jeans and tops. The trend of this earrings has increased a lot that every Bollywood diva also often seen donning these ethnic earrings.