Tiny Plane Crashes On Busy Road in Florida, Hits Two Cars


In a shocking incident, a small plane got crashed on Wednesday at a road in St. Petersburg, Florida, US recently which damaged the two cars that was standing there. The incident was captured in a CCTV camera. Soon after the incident, nearly three people suffered injuries and later they were moved to the hospital to undergo treatment. The recording of incident has gone viral on the social media. It was posted by Jones Barber Studio on the social media on October 20.

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There were two people in the plane when it crashed, reports said.

On Twitter, St. Petersburg Police Department wrote that the airplane hit two cars while coming down.

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“Where I looked up and could see him going sideways, it was right over where the school was, and if he would’ve gone down over there, he would’ve probably hit children, because kids were getting out of school,” stated one observer, Tabitha Callihan.