Tiny kitten was rescued from Tesla Model X’s rear bumper


On June 17, Tesla co-founder Elon Musk tweeted a sweet video of Tesla mechanics rescuing a kitten stuck inside a car. The video was uploaded to YouTube by an unnamed man who likewise uploaded another video where a little cat can be heard mewing from somewhere inside the car. “I found the meow… it’s definitely coming from inside the bumper,” says the man taping the video while his camera pans over his Tesla Model X car. The second video demonstrates individuals from the Tesla Service Center rescuing the lovable, confused little cat from the auto.

“They rescued this lovely little cat that had been caught in my Model X’s back bumper for probably more than 14 hours, gave her water right away, AND one of the rescuers and his family offered to give her with a new loving home,” says the car owner in the video description.

Watch the full video below:

Since being shared online two days prior, the video has been seen just about one lakh times.