Tigers kill woman, wounded another in China safari park


A woman was killed by Tiger on Monday when she was trying to help her friend. She was crawled away by a tiger and he allegedly attacked her in a China safari park.

The incident happened at Beijing Badaling Wildlife World on Saturday, when one of the women left the car following the altercation.

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When the woman was talking to someone in the car through the driver’s seat, a tiger attacked her and dragged her off, leaving another woman injured.

However the second woman was attacked by another tiger which mauled her to death, before carrying off her body.

Both of the womens were accompanied by a man. They were also carrying a small baby but the tiger hadn’t attacked the small child.

“The park was closed for rectification,” Online news portal said.

A report on online news portal Sohu said that park personnel quickly rushed to the women’s aide, but were too late to save one of them.

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Moreover, the injured woman is getting better from her wounds in hospital, it added.

A post on its microblog said that it was closed due to heavy rains.