Tiger assassinated 65-year-old Shepherd in Tadoba Forest


Chandrapur: On Sunday afternoon a tiger slaughter a shepherd on the hub zone border of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR). Victim Manik Jumnake (65) was grazing cattle with his friends in the tassel forest area of Tadoba variety when the tiger assault and killed him. According to sources, victim Jumnake is an occupant of buffer village Khutwande situated on the boundary of the core zone. Jumnake was browse cattle at the bobble of forest with other marshal when a prowl tiger harass him. Associate shepherds yell and shaped din to frustrate the tiger, but the beast haul the fatality bottomless into the forest. There were five other fellow shepherds with victim Jumnake when assault took place. Deputy director, TATR (buffer), Gajendra Narwane has conveyed that, fellow shepherds tried to put aside the victim, but beast took the body with him to section no. 114 of Tadoba range. An associate shepherd with the help of villagers went hunting for the victim later. Jumnake's dead body was established in Gahubodi area in Khutwanda beat (Khatoda round) of Tadoba forest. The place is 100 meters away from a great stretch of uncultivated land that dish up as a boundary flanked by the core and the buffer village.

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The tiger allegedly tore the victim's belly and ate the inferior part of his left leg. Narwane arrived the place with a squad of forest staffers and examine the scene. He long-established that the victim was killed in a tiger assault and they have originate tiger pugmarks near the body, besides having eye observer to the assault. The body was afterward transmitted to Bhadrawati for post mortem formalities. Forest representatives have given Rs25,000 gratia aid to the victim's kin. In Chandrapur district this is the fourth occurrence of human death in tiger harass this year. Previous on January 27, and February 25, victims Pandurang Gedam and Madhukar Borsare were slaughter correspondingly in part tiger attacks Nagbhdi range. Later on April 20, Kunda Rameteke from Gunjewahi was murder in Sindewahi range by the tiger.

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