Thursday Horoscope


Aries:Keep the motto 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' in mind today. Because if you want to get the most out of your life right now, you need to step out and do some riskier stuff. Nothing risky in terms of your health or the law of course, but risky in terms of your emotions. You don't necessarily have to wear your heart on your sleeve, but you should at least let someone catch a fleeting glimpse of it! Open up your shell a little bit wider and you will be rewarded.

Taurus: Things are about to equalize in all aspects of your life, so get ready to enjoy a healthier period that will give you a stronger sense of security and confidence. You're standing on a firm foundation again, which means you can reach higher and try harder for the things you want. It's time for bolder action and bigger stakes. You are feeling totally in control and it looks like no one is standing in your way. Ignore your fears and move ahead at full steam!

Gemini: Someone you thought you were starting to take a shine to is going to disappoint you today. Something in their personality will put you off — their arrogance is a very ugly accessory, and it's not doing much for your interest level. Crushes can be fleeting things, do don't feel shallow if their actions kill off any interest you had in them. There is no need to tolerate a rude person, no matter how attractive they are, or how powerful they may be. Just move on.

Cancer: You can't get so obsessed with starting something new that you forget to finish up something you've been working on for a while! Things are not going smoothly with this project, but that doesn't mean you should bail on it too soon. Whatever stress is involved in tying up all these loose ends is nothing compared to the pride you will feel knowing that you were thorough and detail-oriented. Powerful people are watching, and you need to make sure they see you at your best.

Leo: You know that having fun does not mean you have to turn off your brain, but someone close to you might not. They are doing some stupid things in the name of having a good time. It could be time to wake them up to the dangers of what they are up to — even if you run the risk of being seen as a wet blanket. If you care about people, you have to show them. And sometimes showing them you care means sacrificing your popularity — temporarily. Tough love is the most valuable, sometimes.

Virgo: This is a wonderful day. You're going to be reminded just how loved you are by your closest friends. There's a lot of warmth coming your way today, and it's all coming from the people who choose to walk the same path as you. They bring a lot of honesty to every discussion you have with them, and this is their true value in your life. What this means is that when they tell you something you don't like hearing, it is coming from a place of love. Remember that.

 Libra: You've been flirting with someone a lot lately and they might be interested in turning up the heat — get ready for an overture of sorts to happen today. Think long and hard about whether or not you want to get closer to them. Once you move beyond the flirtatious stage, you lose a little bit of freedom. And if you're not looking for a new romance right now, you need to be up front about it with them. Flirting for the sake of flirting is fine — you haven't been making promises to them. Yet.

Scorpio: It's true that patience is a virtue, but it's also true that you can control things and push them along if you wish to do so. You've got to act now if you want to make the most of the opportunity that is placed in front of you today. There is nothing wrong with elbowing your way to the front of the line just this once. Be polite, but be aggressive. There is a lot of complacency around you, so you will never have a better chance to get ahead of everyone else.

Sagittarius: It's the perfect day to hang out with a blue friend and start cheering them up! You are capable of giving them whatever experience they need to get out of the doldrums — whether it's fun and laughter, physical activity, quiet conversation, or sitting on the couch watching television together. They just want to be in a situation where they don't feel like they have to prove themselves. And no one makes people feel calm and at ease quite the way you do.

Capricorn: A few fresh ideas will not only add some pizzazz to your life right now, they will increase your romantic potential! So if you are in the mood to start a new romance, start exposing yourself to new ways of thinking. Step out of your oh-so-comfortable comfort zone today and put yourself in front of some unfamiliar thinking. Explore new cultures, music and religions. You will find a whole new way of thinking. Things that are strange can also be very invigorating.

Aquarius: Could an attraction could be growing between you and someone you have never considered your intellectual equal? Could it be that there is more to someone's attractiveness than their brain? You should look at this person with different eyes starting today. Pay attention to how they treat other people, and you will get a whole new appreciation for who they are and what they could bring to your life. You may have been looking for love in the wrong places.

Pisces: A strong flirtatious energy is going to be all around you today, and it could spice up one or two of your relationships! Before you get all excited about your romantic prospects, remember that flirting is just flirting. Whether or not things are meant to go to the next level is not certain. So play it safe — keep things light and breezy instead of pushing for a commitment. After all, you need to get to know them better before you know how you really feel.