Throw These Things Out Of Your House Or Else You’ll Stay Poor Forever!

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We all work so hard with all our strength to become Rich but this dream doesn’t come true for some of us! In this matter, astrological issues reveal that all this happens because of some Zodiac problems.

Also it happens because of Vastu issues…so here we’ve got some remedies for your survival.

Throw Away The Junk:

To keep Your bad time away…give these 4 things to Someone!

First of all throw the junk away from your house. Never ever keep damaged items in your house as they bring negativity into the family and in the economic status of the family.

Keep Dust and Dirt Away:

If the walls of your house has been damaged due to running water..then immediately get rid off it, as it generates negative energy in the house and gives birth to germs too.

Do not Keep unwashed Utensils overnight:

Never keep unwashed and dirty utensils in the kitchen overnight as it is not good as per Vastu. Keeping unwashed utensils overnight may increases your flaws.

Do Charity:

The way a girl walks, it reveals so much About Her!

What you Give is What You get! If you do Charity or donations…all this comes back to you in different forms. Give the foremost Chapati to Dogs, cows and crows, this helps to uplift the economic status of an individual.



Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures