Three youth Congress workers in Kerala suspended for slaughtering ox in public


At least three youth Congress workers in Kerala have been suspended for slaughtering an ox in public. The Kerala Police had recorded a case against a Youth Congress leader and other workers after a video was flowed of a group of men slaughtering an ox in open as a group of young fellows yelled anti-government and pro-Youth Congress slogans.

“The video demonstrates an ox being slaughtered. We have taken up cases against the individuals involved for making public nuisance by slaughtering a cattle in public view,” Kannur Police Chief G Siva Kumar said.

The protest, amid which a bull was butchered before open in Kannur, was held on Saturday against the central government’s recent cattle regulation, which prohibits sale and buy of cattle from a cattle market for the purpose of slaughtering.

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi has denounced the occurrence. “What happened in Kerala yesterday is thoughtless,barbaric& totally unacceptable to me &the Congress Party.I strongly condemn the episode,” he said in a tweet.