Three N. Korean missiles landed in Japanese-controlled waters


On Monday, Three of the four missiles North Korea propelled arrived in Japanese-controlled waters, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, calling the development a “new stage of threat”.

Abe says in Parliament that “North Korea today let go four ballistic missiles at the same time and they flew somewhere in the range of 1,000 kilometers (620 miles),”. “Three of them arrived in our nation’s Exclusive Economic Zone.”
“This clearly indicates North Korea has entered another phase of threat,” he stated, including he would assemble a conference of the nation’s National Security Council.
The occurrence checked just the second time that North Korean missiles have landed in Japan’s EEZ — a 200-nautical mile area off its coast that gives it certain rights in terms of exploitation of natural resources.

North Korea in August a year ago fired a ballistic missile directly into Japan’s EEZ for the first time, one of a series of launches that drew intense international condemnation.

Abe further added “Repeated launches by North Korea are a serious, provocative action in terms of security and clearly violate UN security council resolutions. We can never tolerate this,”.

The Japan Coast Guard said that there was no injury answered to transportation in the region where the rockets landed.

Under international law, territorial waters extend up to 12 nautical miles (22 kilometres) from the coast of a landmass.