Three labourers die after being run over by train engine


Three ill-fated workers who were mulling over the railway tracks since the traffic on these tracks was shut for year and a half were keep running over when a engine gone through the tracks at Harsawa railroad station region close Fatehpur town of Sikar region.

The episode occurred around 4.45 am when three workers were sleeping over the railroad tracks with blanket and cushions. “The track had been shut for a few months because of some mechanical work on the tracks. May be because of this the workers were in the habit of sleeping on these tracks. On Sunday a engine gone through the tracks and the workers were keep running over,” said a senior officer of Government Railway Police.

As per the sources, gage transformation work was on at the railway tracks and these workers were a piece of that group at Harsawa railway station.

The episode became exposed after sunrise when a few local people spotted three ravaged bodies on the railway trackss with crushed head and other serious wounds. Police took the bodies in custody and endeavors were on to distinguish them so that the bodies could be given over to their relatives. Local people rebuked the railway authorities for this carelessness and said that the specialists ought to have checked the tracks before enabling a engine to proceed onward the tracks.