Three IS terrorists dead in Kabul Military Academy Explosion, 1 detained

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Kabul: Nearly five terrorists targeted an army outpost on Monday close to Afghanistan’s main armed academies. In the incident, one soldier lost their lives and three others injured, a defence ministry representative affirmed.

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As per Ministry of Defense spokesperson Dawlat Waziri, three assailants have been died and one detained whereas one persists to clash following the attack. In the attack, one Afghan National Army soldier died and 10 others are injured.

Leading news agency reported that Islamic State carried out attack close to the Marshal Fahim military academy in the western periphery of Kabul.

The incident occurred in the western outskirts of Kabul following an ambulance explosion in the city that takes lives of over 100 people.

As per Ministry of Defence representatives, the terrorists targeted the outpost close to Marshal Fahim military academy ahead of sunrise.

Ministry representative Dawlat Waziri asserted three armed forces had been injured.

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Prior, native Mohammad Ehsan stated he listened to several bomb blasts from the spot in the dawn.


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