Three Indonesians Kidnapped in Malaysia..


Police confirmed Sunday that three Indonesian nationals were kidnapped by armed men off the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah. Militants from the Abu Sayyaf group have been blamed for repeated kidnappings. Malaysian marine police said to AFP, adding: “It happened close to midnight yesterday. The three were crew in a fishing trawler.” Authorities did not say if they believed the Abu Sayyaf was involved.

It is believed that the Indonesians were on a fishing trawler when the incident occurred at about 11:40 pm local time.For the record, on June 20, seven Indonesian seamen were taken hostage in the Sulu Sea, allegedly by Abu Sayyaf militants.

The militants abducted 10 Indonesian sailors on March 29, and another four on April 15. All were also released last month. In the meantime, the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry has yet to confirm the news. “We’re still trying to confirm the news,” said the Ministry Spokesperson Arrmanatha Nasir on Sunday (10/7).