Three Essential Oils for Weight loss and Rejuvenation


Losing weight is one of the most difficult things in life, But it will be more easier if you show some dedication and focus on your routine.

On your weight loss journey, you have to use all the tools to ensure that your fat won’t come back.

You may not familiar this, but the use of essential oils can be helpful for weight loss and rejuvenation.

As you all know with the use of essential oils used for relaxation purposes in a spa environment.

They are more than just a pleasing aroma, and can be a useful tool in your bag of tricks.

In this article, I’ll recommend several oils which have been shown (through both studies and anecdotally through history) to aid in appetite suppression, fat burning, and stress reduction.

 Reduce Stress for Faster Weight Loss

Although it may not be directly related to weight loss, stress-reduction is an important component. High stress levels increase your blood levels of the hormone cortisol, which is a key factor in weight gain and hunger.

Because of increased cortisol, we tend to eat more when we are stressed. This can lead to undesirable weight gain and even more stress!

Stress-reduction is one of the most common uses for essential oils. Some may be used topically, as with massage oil, and others are best used in a diffuser.

Here are the top three oils you should consider adding to your daily routine. Toward the end of the article, we’ll discuss how to use them and what to look for when purchasing.


#1. Don’t Skimp on the Peppermint Oil.

One of the most notable attributes of peppermint essential oil is its ability to reduce hunger and cravings. Just a quick sniff can curb your appetite temporarily, and can be used as often as needed.

Often when we’re dieting, our energy levels decrease and we’re exhausted all the time. Peppermint oil can provide a quick energy boost, and keep us moving when we’re feeling slower than usual.

Hold the open bottle under your nose, or use it in a diffuser for the entire room for best effects. This will help you feel energetic enough to get through your day, and perhaps even make it to the gym!

Another unusual benefit of using this oil is its ability to relieve muscle soreness. Most people who are working on losing weight exercise on a regular basis.

If you’re working out, you’re most likely experiencing occasional soreness. Using diluted peppermint oil topically can reduce the pain, and get you back to working out much quicker!

#2. Lemon Oil is More Than Just a Pretty Smell peppermint oil, this essential oil can be used to reduce hunger and cravings. Lemon oil also contains a compound called limonene, which induces increased fat burning according to researchers.

When used for its mood-boosting properties, lemon essential oil  is quite effective. Beyond simply making you feel happier, it can also increase your energy levels.

Happier, more energetic people move their bodies more, making weight loss happen much faster. If you need that extra push to get off the couch, this might just be it!

Speaking of moving more, another benefit of lemon oil is its pain-relieving properties. When diluted and used for massage, it can help you feel better and get moving again.

Beyond the pain relief, using lemon oil for massages can reduce the appearance of cellulite as well. Use with peppermint and grapefruit oil for best effects.

#3. Grapefruit Oil for Reduced Stress

Just like lemon oil, this essential oil contains the compound limonene which enhances fat burning. Using these two oils together will give you a powerful boost to shed the pounds.

It also increases your metabolism and curbs cravings. People who experience reduced cravings are able to stay on their weight loss plan better.

For energy-boosting abilities, grapefruit oil is a great fit. Add four or five drops to your bath along with lemon and peppermint oils for a relaxing soak that will leave you ready for anything.

Grapefruit oil can be used as a digestive aid by massaging it directly on your belly. By facilitating digestion, you’ll get more nutrients from your food which leads to better health!

According to Prevention magazine, grapefruit oil is also one of the best oils for stress relief.


Use of Essential Oils for Weight Loss and Rejuvenation

Now when you know which oils to get, let’s discuss how exactly they can be used. Here are some specific ways to use them safely for best results.

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from plants, and should be used only according to direction. Just like any medication or supplement, they are helpful when used appropriately.
A good oil diffuser  to distribute the oils into the air is a must when using essential oils. If using oils for massage that have not been diluted, you’ll need to find a high quality oil to add a few drops of the essential oil to. Consider coconut or almond oil for this, usually adding five drops of essential oil to ¼ cup of one of these.

As mentioned above, taking a bath is an excellent way to use your oils. A relaxing soak with four to five drops of several oils will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you don’t have time for a bath or diffuser, simply open the bottle under your nose and breathe deeply. You can do this for a few minutes at a time as needed when feeling stress or cravings.

No matter which oil you choose, be sure to read the labels to make sure you’re using it safely. Most oils should not be used internally, and are best when diluted for massage or in a diffuser.

Finding High Quality Products

When choosing which brand to purchase, it’s important to go with a reputable company. Don’t just choose the least-expensive option, as you can’t be sure that you’re getting only the essential oil listed.

Find a company with a good track record, which clearly states where the product is made. You also want to be sure that your oil is not ‘cut’ with any cheap or dangerous ingredients.

Using Essential Oils to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

Essential oils are not magical, contrary to what some people might have you believe. But when used in conjunction with improvements in your diet and exercise, it can boost the ‘staying power’ of your efforts.

If you use the oils recommended in this article, you can begin to experience the benefits right away. You’ll be more relaxed, happy, and you’ll be losing weight as a bonus!

So get out those oils and let’s get this party started!

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