Three cases registered by CBI over Jat Agitation case


NEW DELHI: An investigation was done by Central Bureau of Investigation over Jat Agitation case of Haryana. Lakhs of property were got damaged in the protest this year.

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Three cases were filed by the agency due to the violence that took place in Rohtak district, Haryana. During the protest, some of the illegal happenings including attacking, looting of weapons of the police guard, attempting to murder the family members and burning down the residence of state finance minister Captain Abhimanyu was held.

The investigation was done by the CBI after Haryana government orders from the government of India. Some cases of violence have been filed.

Haryana police filed a case of looting of weapons from a company of BSF and another was filed against the person who attempted murder.

Countless were professedly harmed, some of them heinously, in these fierce assaults. It was further charged that property worth crores was scorched and weapons of police watchmen were plundered by the fomenters who were requesting booking for the Jat people group in Haryana.

These cases have been exchanged by the Haryana government to CBI.

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