Three arrested in Muzaffarnagar cow slaughter case, police assures action


After a police party was assaulted in Muzaffarnagar by local people when they were leading a strike in light of data of cow slaughter, Additional Director General of Police, Law and Order Aditya Mishra on Tuesday expressed that action will be made against the names enrolled for this situation.

Addressing journalists here, Mishra stated, “Three individuals have been captured so far in this matter. There was a protest by the crowd prior in the day. As far as lawfulness nature is serene at this point. Enquiry will be done against those whose names are enrolled for this situation.”

Prior in the day, a police party in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar was assaulted by local people when they were directing an attack in light of data of cow butcher in Nagar Kotwali territory.

The police had gone to raid a neighboring town after information of cow slaughter. However, apparently nothing was found.

While coming back from the town, they risked upon a few people offering meat on the side of the road. At the point when the police attempted to enquire, the villagers encompassed them and assaulted the police party.

Stones were pelted at the police party and their police vehicle was additionally vandalized.