Thousands march in London to protest ‘Brexit’ vote


Thousands have marched through London to protest against the vote to leave the European Union, which has sparked political turmoil in the UK, on top of polarizing public opinion. Holding banners aloft that both expressed their love for Europe (“Can’t live without EU”) and contempt for the political leaders who led the Leave campaign (“The lying cockwombles”), the protesters marched two miles through the capital to Parliament Square. Yet more signs expressed dismay (“Our future has been stolen”), solidarity (“Bridges not walls”) or humor (”No Brex please, we’re British”).

Outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron has said the referendum result, where about 52 per cent voted to leave the EU, would be respected and the government had begun laying the groundwork for the complicated Brexit negotiations. From the stage in Parliament Square, Labor politician Lord Cashman told the crowd that British people "need to uphold the values of democracy and inclusiveness which are at the heart of the EU and this country," according to the Sky News.