Thought if I don’t wear short clothes, people will think I’m ‘behenji’: Divyanka


She required some serious energy to claim her spot at the top in the TV business, however once there's been no thinking back for performing artist Divyanka Tripathi. In any case, Tripathi, also called Dr Ishitha on TV program Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, had her offer of changes in accordance with make in the excitement world.


"The greatest battle was wearing short dresses. To start with, it was an unthinkable for me," says the performing artist who was conceived and raised in Bhopal.


"I played a straightforward young lady in Banoo Main Teri Dulhan (2006) and after that everybody thought I resemble that, in actuality, as well. It was the point at which I entered Comedy Circus in 2013 that I really opened up on the grounds that I understood that on the off chance that I don't wear short garments, individuals will have this idea that Divyanka is a "behenji" and she can't do anything other than wear preservationist garments and look calm. As a performer, I truly needed to break this idea," shouts Tripathi.


Things being what they are, did individuals ridicule her? "Goodness yes, individuals in a roundabout way broke jokes before me about what they looked like at me as an invisible girl. I understood that as opposed to expecting great carrying on of me, they would simply expect me in sarees and suits. I needed to change their discernment. I began wearing short garments for the character… it was extremely uncomfortable for me," says the performing artist.


For somebody, who avoided the excitement and fabulousness of Mumbai, turning into a commonly recognized name was startling, yet the performer has a hypothesis behind her excursion.


"I think the universe was setting me up to be an on-screen character. I never sought after one thing for long however I was handyman. I was learning everything conceivable on the grounds that I knew my dad could never spend cash for dresses or gatherings yet he would dependably give me cash for new courses and books. I have learnt portraying, drawing, singing, moving, rifle shooting, paragliding. I was a NCC cadet and I adored the way that I was urged to learn something," says Tripathi who is locked in to wed on-screen character Vivek Dahiya.