Those asking for proof of surgical strikes not loyal to country says Manohar Parrikar


New Delhi: Hitting out at politicians who have demanded proof of the surgical strikes conducted by the Indian army in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, in retaliation to the Uri attack, Defence Minister Manohar Parrkiar on Thursday said that no one had doubted bravery of our forces ever and the government is not going to oblige them by giving proof of the Army action. 

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Meahwhile he made it clear that the government has no intention to provide proof for the surgical strike carried out Indian Army commandos inside Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) on September 29.

Speaking at a BJP function here, Parrikar said there are many 'forces' in India whose patriotism is doubtful. Without taking names, Parrikar said, “There are many people who are not loyal to our country and criticized Indian army, but we don’t have to give them any proof. He also mentioned that a Pakistani police officer has admitted that surgical strikes did happen.

Lauding the armed forces, Parrikar said, “Our soldiers took revenge for Uri." “We carried out a 100% perfect surgical strike, our nation carries the heart and courage to carry this task out,” he said.

Parrikar revealed that during his interactions with soldiers he always urges them to not to sacrifice their lives for the motherland but live to neutralise the terrorists. “Some ex-servicemen wrote to me and said that they are ready to fight on the border if the need arises. I salute them,” he said. The defence minister added that India's borders are safe under the Narendra Modi government.

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