This planet must be strong in astrology if you want to become journalist


The planet of person only tells how his life will be and the person will spend his life in which area. Similarly, many people are eager to settle in the media industry but they couldn’t able to know about their future. Today I am telling you about the planets that should be strongest for person to enter into the field of journalism. If a person has a conjunction of Chandra and Mercury in the horoscope, then he or she becomes poet, journalist or a writer.

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A person can become a journalist only when he studied Mercury’s tenth house and Venus. When the mercury is in a higher amount in the second house in the horoscope and the moon is the fourth in the fourth house then the person becomes a good journalist. Fourth house is of the people.

People of Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces can certainly be in the writing work. Most big writers are born in these horoscopes.

Writing work requires imagination. Therefore, the auspiciousness of the imaginary moon is also essential. In the era of struggling journalism, success in journalism and editing is achieved after the combination of Mars, Mercury.

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When Venus, Mercury is in the fourth house and Rahu is with Mangal in the eighth house, then that person publishes the newspaper.