This ‘electric boy’ holds 11,000 volts electric wire in mouth, see pics


This world is very big and every day we come across unusual things. Today we are telling you about a boy Deepak, who lives in Sonipat district of Haryana and involves natural power. This boy keeps electric wires off 11,000 watt in his mouth daily. He has made a record of holding electric wire and keeping it in his mouth for long time.

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Deepak holds wire on his mouth which is attached to the bulb. Everyone gets shocked after seeing his exploits. One day he was repairing the damaged heater at home. While correcting it, Deepak accidentally touched the electrical wire but nothing happened to him.

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To confirm his skill, Deepak hold the on wire by his hand. When nothing happened to him, he made it his profession. This electric boy came to know about his skill when he was repairing the damaged heater one day at home.