This 8-yr old buffalo drinks whisky, lives life like a KING


You must have seen several buffaloes, but have you ever seen a buffalo who drinks whisky? No, then today we are telling you about it. This buffalo is famous for living a royal life like a normal people.

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This buffalo is sultan as its name and its hobbies are similar. This buffalo consumes alcohol every day and gets relief when his owner offers him wine daily.

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Sultan is only 8 years old. Its height is 6 feet and has 1 ton weight. Sultan’s name has been included in the list of India’s highest priced buffalo. Its cost is Rs 21 crores. At present, the Sultan’s owner earns 90 million to 1 crore rupees per year by selling its Siemens. Sultan’s life is very royal and the owner is spending a lot of money on it daily.