This 14-yr old kid is making every Bollywood Celebrity proud! Check it how?


At the age of 14 you must have played with toys, bicycle, and hot wheel cars which might fulfill your childhood demands. But this 14-yr old guy is making everyone’s proud! Well, times have changed.

Now a days, even small kids are showing their talent through different means be it dancing, singing, stunts and many other things.

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This 14-year-old Rashed Saif Belhasa is becoming famous day by day. Moreover, he is making everyone envious. Check it how.

This guy is son of Dubai-based businessman Saif Ahmed Belhasa. He is a young entrepreneur who handles the fashion line and every famous bollywood personalities meet him whenever they visit Dubai.

Rasheed is known as ‘Monkey Kicks’. He has its own most expensive sneakers collection and has white tigers as pets.

Moreover, Celebrities and VIP’s who wanted to meet him has to take an appointment with his agent first.

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