Thiruvanmiyur: Fake CBI officer arrested for filming woman taking bath at hostel


Chennai: A 27-year-old conman who posed as a CBI officer landed in jail when he was caught filming a woman taking bath at a hostel in Thiruvanmiyur on Tuesday evening. 

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Damodaran (27), a resident of Adyar who even had a siren car, moved around the locality calling himself a CBI officer. On Tuesday, a lady residing in the same hostel as Damodaran became suspicious of being watched while bathing and alerted the hostel staff. 

When confronted, he began threatening everyone that he was a CBI officer and accusing him will land people in trouble. With no other choice, police was informed and after interrogation did it surface that Damodara was an imposter who not only imitated identity of a CBI agent but of a lawyer and and a HCL employee as well.  

Police recovered several fake ID cards from him.  A school dropout, Damodaran is a multiple felon. He has harassed many women in the past by taking obscene videos of them and blackmailing for money.

Police also recovered government emblems, two sets of police uniform, a car and nearly 20 debit cards from his in addition from IDs. He has been booked under the Tamil Nadu Women Harassment Prevention Act. But acquiring a fake CBI ID card poses threat to national security and cops are still investigating into the matter to find out who else was involved.

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