Things to not do on Thursday as per astrology


Very few people know about the significance of day ‘Thursday’. This day marks the day of Lord Veer. There are some things people should not do on this day as it is believed that such things lead to poverty in the house and even the goddess Lakshmi gets angry. Today, we are telling you about the things that you should take care of on Thursday.

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Hair Wash:  In the scriptures, women are forbidden to wash their hair on Thursday, because Jupiter is the factor in husband’s horoscope in women’s horoscope. Along with that, Jupiter is the only child factor. Thus, Jupiter alone affects the life of both the child and the husband. Washing the head on Thursday weakens Jupiter so that there is a decrease in the auspicious effect of Jupiter.

Haircut: It is also said that the hair should not be cut on Thursday because if you do this, its effect falls on the life of the child and the husband. Their advancement stops.

Nail cut or shaving: On Thursday, nail cutting and shaving in the scriptures is believed to weaken the planet. By which the life force is affected. Days are lower than age.

Do not mop: By washing excess weight clothing at home, taking out the junk from the house, washing the house or moping reduces the effect of good influences on children, sons, household members, religion etc.

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Do not buy things unnecessarily: ​​Do not carry transactions on Thursday, do not even make unnecessary purchases