Things That Happen When It’s Your Best Friend’s Wedding


Weddings are the most important part of everyone’s life and when it comes to your best friend have lots of things to do.

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This one's for everyone whose besties have decided to take the plunge and are all set to say 'I do' this shaadi season.

Here are 10 things that happen when your best friend's getting married.

1. Most importantly, you're just super glad. Hitting the dance floor with satisfaction, doing somersaults and hopping here and there kinda glad. Practically like Tom Cruise on Oprah

2. You understand there's no better time to get into shape than now. Since is there preferable inspiration over that lehenga you have to look marvelous in?

3. You plan to toss the coolest single girl ever.

4. You've chosen the playlist you're going to move to – and others' playlist too. These two are on top of your rundown:

5. Abruptly, there's a great deal of dialog about garments and gems (far more than you're utilized to). For some, this is the best part.

6. Also, it's all awesome until she considerately recommends your whole posse ought to wear something comparative.

7. You hold her hand through emergencies over trousseau calamities, tent wallah issues, visitor list contradictions without any end in sight…

8. You get ready to handle bridezilla by keeping load of chocolates (or something somewhat more grounded) convenient.

9. You arrange escape courses to dodge auntyjis , particularly those with 'reasonable young men's close by.

10. In any case, for the most part you simply need to have an awesome time.

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